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why rec4?

Track Record

Whether you are a recruiter seeking a new opportunity or a staffing firm looking for fresh talent, selecting a recruitment to recruitment firm to partner with can be a challenging process.

The team at Rec4 relies on its track record as to why recruiters and staffing firms alike should work with us.

We operate with three values - Be Honest, Manage Expectations, Deliver On Our Promises.

Conducting business with these values ensures a transparent and fair experience for all.


Recruitment is changing. It's not the industry that it was 15 years ago, heck not even two years ago!

The Rec4 team invests significant resources in learning what is affecting front line recruiters and our staffing firm clients.

The world of work is changing and partnering with a recruitment to recruitment firm that understands this is the difference between "doing things the old way", and having a recruitment to recruitment firm that facilitates opportunities between smart recruiters and astute staffing firms.


With a combined 28-years recruitment to recruitment experience, the Rec4 team have a detailed understanding of the needs of recruiters and staffing firms alike.

We're not "inbox blitzers", and we certainly do not subscribe to the "spray & pray" approach.

Rec4 takes a genuine consultative approach to working with recruiters and staffing firms alike, making sure that both parties are a match, while ensuring we deliver on expectations.

It translates to more than 88% of our placed recruiters still being at a company after 12 months.

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